You Are Who Are Are

Can you be better than who you are?” They would ask. “Can you be like him or her?” They would point out.I grew up surrounded by people telling me to change, to be what I was not. It so deep-seated that the idea of “me” was lost for long, while I was running to be somebody else.I was not good enough.Being short, I wanted to be tall, being a dark person I wanted to be fair. Having asian small eyes I wanted to hide my eyes etc., etc…It took me years realize “You Are Who You Are” and “I Know If I make up my mind , I’ll be fine”I wrote a song about this and released it on 15th of May, 2020. I tried to talk to myself through this song, tried to make myself remind that “You Are Who You Are”.Is it a great song? Well, I don’t know but I have connected myself to it and I had fun making it.

I hope you would have fun listening to it – give it a listen here ?

Help me to get better?

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